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MOBB United Newsletter Edition 6 - February 2018


Edition 6 February 2018
MESSENGER #ProtectOurSons


MOBB United: Striving to Become Experts in the Black Male Experience

     This month, I have been heavily reminded of the reason MOBB United exists. As you probably know, the organization started following multiple police killings of unarmed Black boys and men that were unjustified, but were not punished under the law. Although our mission started in response to police brutality and unwarranted use of deadly force by law enforcement, it doesn’t end there. This is because police brutality that leads to...



MLK Jr. Volunteer Day of Service and Remembrance Activities: Moms and Sons Giving Back

     For the second year, Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. and MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. were out and about on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service, January 15th, with our sons. The goal was to give back to those in need, honoring Dr. King’s legacy, while changing negative perceptions of our Black boys and men. Please enjoy these pictures of MOBB United moms and their sons doing what matters.


Policy and Advocacy Committee Progress

     It’s a new year for MOBB United for Social Change’s Policy and Advocacy committee, and we will soon be rolling out our Legislative Platform. A new resource, the Legislative Platform will equip members to be informed about our policy priorities when they engage with partners and policy makers across the country. We will launch...


MUSC Call Center Update

     We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors, moms who were on the frontlines of past Civil Rights movements and moms who resisted the status quo. We organize in the spirit of our righteous mentor, Fannie Lou Hamer, who infamously stated, "I am tired of being sick and tired.” We activate the principles of MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC), which include showing our...


MOBB United at San Diego Women's March

     On January 20th, thousands of women descended on Waterfront Park for the Women's March in San Diego, CA, to demonstrate their unity and be voices for those in need of support. MOBB United's Communications Committee Chair Vanessa McCullers gave a powerful and passionate speech on behalf of the sister organizations...


Black Maternal Trauma
Part 4: Paying for Freedom

During President Barack Obama’s era, as it relates to judiciary and more specifically, prison and bail reform, the former President gave state judges discretionary powers to find alternative options to a custodial sentence if the perceived offender could not afford bail, such as a payment plan or community sentence. Just recently, Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to...


MUSC Official Statement on H&M

Perception. It’s what differentiates ugly from beautiful, good from bad. For many, it relates specifically to how they view things, but for Black and brown boys and men and their moms who love them, it’s almost always connected to how our sons are viewed by society and those in authority. For centuries, Black people have been the object of...


Facebook Re-Post: Cause

The following posts were shared originally in the Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. private Facebook group: H&M Op-Ed “No Monkeys Here” by Vanessa McCullers Picked up by Blavity and TVOne Screening and Panel with Eric Garner's Mom...


Kneeling for Justice

With Super Bowl LII just concluding with a Philadelphia Eagles victory over the New England Patriots, one has to wonder what happened to the Black Community and its allies taking a knee for justice? Just the other day, I was on Facebook, and my timeline was flooded with posts about how the Patriots were going to beat the Eagles in the big game. People of color were paying homage to Tom Brady and his athletic ability and his winning record. I was mortified...


Gifted Sons Photo Feature

Our princes are gifted and talented! Members of the Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. private Facebook group share photos with us so we can share their joy and pride with you. Enjoy this gifted sons photo feature!


Aspiring with Asperger's: A Black Son's Journey into Professional Video Gaming

Moms, if your 18-year-old Black son came to you and said, “I want to be a professional video gamer,” what would your reaction be? Close your eyes for 5 seconds, and imagine that scenario. If you put yourself in Aundrea Caldwell’s shoes, you might think, ‘WHAT THE...?! Boy bye!’ or something like that. But, there’s a twist here. What if your son also has...


Mentoring Matters: Three Families’ Stories of Personal, Academic, and Professional Growth

Encouraging our Black sons to shine is incredibly important to many members of the Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. Facebook group. We hear countless stories of young Black boys and men defining their ambitions, chasing their dreams, and exceeding their goals. In many of our sons’ lives, mentors play a positive and impactful role, inspiring their mentees to carve out a future that is fulfilling and allows them to make their mark on the world...


Facebook Re-Post: Black Son Speaks out against Racial Profiling

Not everyone understands the plight of Black boys and men in America, much less the plight of moms of Black boys, but it's nice to know that our sons themselves do understand. Mom Desiree Robinson is happy to share her 15 year old's perspective...


Education and Engagement Committee Update

Happy February, beauties! The Education and Engagement Committee has started reading another book, Between The World and Me, by Ta-Nehisi Coates. We have had three posts so far this month. If you haven’t already, hopefully you will begin reading the book with us and join in the discussion on Facebook by searching...


MOBB United Connections: Auntie Teri Silar

One of the initiatives of the MOBB United Connections Committee is the Aunties Program. The Aunties Program connects sons who are away from home at school, work, or in the military, with moms across the country. This program provides a village for our sons that ensures that they have their basic needs met, provides them with support from an adult who is nearby, and reassures their moms that their sons are doing well while away...


MOBB UNITED NEEDS YOU: Become a Volunteer Today!

Volunteer Shout Out:
Vanessa McCullers


Where does she get the energy?! Vanessa McCullers has been going all out for MOBB United since July 2016, and she seems to be as fully charged as the Energizer Bunny. We know her passion is fueled by her love for her SONshine, Carlos. If you’re wondering what Vanessa does for MOBB United, the answer is well...everything!!! Vanessa initially began as Co-Chair of...



     She says, "The morning after Alton Sterling was killed, I went to wake my son for work and found him sitting up in bed. His first words to me was "Mom did you see how they just killed that man" I was too stunned to respond. The very next morning we found out that Philando Castile was killed. No words needed to be said. The words were on my son's face. He was scared, and so was I. But as his mother..."












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*Special thanks to C.K. LeDaniel, Rebecca Palermo, and Vivian Nwankpah, Beth Lunde, and Theresa Cunningham, for their contributions in the preparation of the newsletter.*
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