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MOBB United Newsletter Edition 1 June 2017



  Edition 1 June 2017 

NEWSLETTER    #ProtectOurSons
Founder Depelsha McGruder

The Founder's Corner
by Depelsha McGruder

     Welcome to the first newsletter of Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. (MOBB United)! If you are new to the organization, we are thrilled to have you here! If you have been with us since our beginnings on Facebook last summer, thank you for continuing with us on this journey. In case you're not familiar with our history...

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MOBB United Policy Committee Overview
by Delicia Hand

     Before I became a mother, I always admired the ability of moms -- of Black and brown boys in particular -- to keep focused and remain calm and positive in the multitude of adverse situations they and their sons encountered. When I'd hear my sisters, cousins, and friends talk about the challenges they faced in the educational system, or hear my older nephews talk about...
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Boots on the ground!

Baton Rouge, LA Chapter: Busy MOBB United Moms
by Frankie Robertson and LaToya Guss

      Did you know that MOBB United has chapters in various cities across the country? We have sons in every city, and wherever we have sons, we get busy with our advocacy. Advocacy is the biggest part of being a member of MOBB United, and it allows us to achieve...

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by Pamela Wood-Garcia

     As moms of Black boys and men, we all know that our sons experience a plethora of injustices. The greatest of these is untimely, unwarranted deaths at the hands of law enforcement. These incidents have taken place over hundreds of years, with little to no accountability.

     Question: Are we protecting them "loud" enough? 

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MOBB United's 1st Anniversary
by Vanessa McCullers


         Wow! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we first connected on Facebook! This has been a bittersweet journey that started when Depelsha McGruder decided to create a space for her friends to share concerns and fears...One thing that we learned about ourselves along the way is that WE ARE WOKE!

          Kicking off with the Essence Festival, MOBB United will commemorate our 1st anniversary...

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MOBB United Store
Anita Hinton

Celebrating Black Sons as Fathers
by Tiffany Bargeman

     The priceless relationship between a father and his children is to be honored and cherished. Fathers provide strength, safety and stability; they have special bonds with their sons and daughters.

     The perception that most Black men don't step up to the responsibilities of fatherhood must be changed. It's just one more wrong...

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MOBB United Outreach
by Tiffany Bargeman, Vanessa McCullers, Kimberley Robinson Alexander, Munirah Smalls and Pamela Wood-Garcia

      When a Black son is victimized, his mother suffers unimaginable grief, along with others in his immediate family. MOBB United, as his extended family, grieves as well. We grieve with the mother whose son was taken from her. We grieve with his children who will grow up without their father. We grieve...
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MOBB Outreach - Scandal-less Mother's Day Brunch

MOBB Outreach Scandal-less Mother's Day Brunch



MOBB United Book Club
by CK LeDaniel
featuring Kumari Ghafoor-Davis, Uchechi Eke

     Our book club was launched on March 18 with the book, "The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness," by Michelle Alexander. We selected this book in part because...
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by Kathei McCoy

     We are honored to memorialize our SunAngels and to extend our support to you as you grieve the loss of your sons. Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. (MOBB United) was founded out of grief over lost sons not personally known to most of us, but we embrace all of our princes as our own and we share in your sadness as well as your joyful memories.

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"Walking the Circle"
by Keisha-Gaye Anderson

     With the never-ending news of tragedy and heartbreak, do you ever feel like you're walking in circles? Featured Poet Keisha-Gaye Anderson understands and puts into words what we sometimes wish we could.
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2017 MLK Day of Service
by CK LeDaniel

     MOBB United is more than 176,000 moms strong and growing, but we are made exponentially stronger by virtue of our partnerships with others. While ours is a singular focus on the well-being of our Black sons, there are many other groups whose goals overlap and complement our own.
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2017 MLK Day of Service, Bedford_Stuyvesant_Restoration Corp, Brooklyn, NY
Featured Artist Susan Kricorian
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Art Speaks

Art sale funds criminal justice reform

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      There are so many ways to contribute your talents, passion, and time to the worthy cause of PROTECTING OUR SONS. We certainly could use your help with the newsletter, OR you can volunteer to support MOBB United in a different area.

     There are numerous committees that need support:  Communications, Health and Wellness, Education and Engagement, Events and Demonstrations, Organizational Development, and Policy.







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  *Special thanks to Teri Harris for helping gather and organize photos for this edition.*  
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