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MOBB United Newsletter Edition 3 - September 2017


Edition 3 September 2017
NEWSLETTER #ProtectOurSons


An Open Letter to
President Donald Trump

      Our sons are heading back to school, and heavy on my mind is what they may encounter when walking or driving home from school. In this age of “law and order,” it is our responsibility to make sure they are well aware and prepared for what the current climate may bring. If those who have vowed to protect and serve all citizens were to listen to our nation's leader, law enforcement officers have carte blanche to act as judge and jury on the streets, before someone is convicted...

Depelsha McGruder


Hurricane Harvey: MOBB United Connecting in Troubled Times

Hurricane Harvey

     All eyes look to Houston, TX in the wake of Hurricane Harvey and the devastating flooding that resulted. Since last weekend, many Houstonians have held their breath as rains continued and loved ones had to evacuate or be rescued from stalled vehicles and flooding homes. Homes, businesses, and roadways have been destroyed...


Policy and Advocacy Committee Progress

        The Policy and Advocacy Committee sets the strategic policy priorities and drives advocacy initiatives for the organization. As a committee, we set MUSC's policy agenda, research policies that impact...


Call Center
"Rapid Response Team" Update

    In July, MUSC's Rapid Response Team worked on a myriad of local, state, and national issues. Here are some of the Call Center highlights.

  1. MUSC Founder Depelsha McGruder's open letter to President Donald Trump was the highlight of the month. In July, during a speech to Long Island...



Early Childhood Suspension Study

     MOBB United recently connected with Dr. Rosemarie Allen, an Associate Professor at Metropolitan State University. Dr. Allen asked our moms to review and participate in a survey (open to all races) that she and her colleagues (Dr. Vinh and Dr. Strain) are conducting to complete their “Early Childhood Suspension Study”.

     Within the study, the researchers are trying to...


School-to-Prison Pipeline

     With the 2017-2018 School Year upon us, we are faced with the fact that we are living amid a socioeconomic regression. The current White House administration has all but vanquished the hope of any kind of reform that benefits people of color. This includes education and prison reform. With Betsy DeVos at the helm of the country's entire public education system and Jeff Sessions dissecting our...

Drivers Ed/Student Driver

Victim Blaming or Basic Social Studies?

     Why have lawmakers decided that it is the responsibility of our youth to learn how to communicate with law enforcement? Young people are taught to communicate with their parents from birth through a series of sounds, body language and facial...

Uchechi Eke

Black Maternal Trauma
Part 2

     My intention for this feature is to discuss in more detail the psychological impact that moms of Black boys and men endure when they watch, read or hear that their son, or a male figure in their family or community...


Black Sons Abroad

     Do you ever wonder what it's like for Black sons living abroad? Do you ask yourself questions like:

  • Would the police see my son as a threat in Germany?
  • How would regular folks in Russia perceive my son?
  • Would I be afraid to let my son go hang out at a mall in Sweden with...

Back to School

     MOBB United moms are celebrating our scholars as they return to school this Fall. From Kindergarten to College, we are so proud of our Black boys! We know they face the challenges of the school-to-prison...


MOBB United Poetry

     Poet Bio: Maryam Dalakiam is an English teacher at a transfer high school in New York City, NY; an activist, an immigrant from Armenia; a mother; a baker; and a staunch believer that the American Dream someday will be an equal opportunity endeavor.

     She works with teenagers from all five boroughs and lives in queens with her immigrant, adoptive, interracial, tri-cultural, quadrilingual Jamaican-American family.

He Ain't Done Nothin'

"A boy was shot
Lay in a pool of blood
Outside a grocery store
On a New York City corner
While the milk he had bought
Flowed reluctantly into its own puddle
And sobs and sirens blasted
Ear drums


Woke Mom 2017 Summer Meetups

     Summer is the time for Woke Mom meetups! We are continuing to criss-cross the country, from Charlotte to Chicago and the Bronx to Baton Rouge. In Baton Rouge, the first one was so nice, they are doing it twice!

     Meetups are a great opportunity to meet the moms we've come to know and love online, focus our energies and...


Young, Black, and Incarcerated

     Being in the right place at the wrong time could cost you everything! Just picture it: You're a single mom whose faced with the daunting task of paying all of the bills with little or no help. You must work hard to support your family and make ends meet. You're trying to be the best role model you can be for your son, but you often wish there were strong Black...


Become a Volunteer Today!


Frankie Robertson

     Since joining the MUSC Policy and Advocacy Committee in January, Frankie Robertson has hit the ground running, and MUSC has benefited tremendously as a result. In addition to serving as lead for the Baton Rouge Chapter, she has been a key contributor and leader of our policy and advocacy work. MUSC is so fortunate to have her energy, talent and commitment at work for us.

     On Saturday, August 5th, she organized MUSC’s participation in a state lobby day in support of criminal justice reform initiatives, and she also has established a strong presence amongst peer organizations and elected officials for MUSC on the ground in Louisiana.

     During our anniversary month, Frankie organized not one, but...

    She says,“Volunteering with MOBB United and MUSC is an honor. It gives me the opportunity to affect change for Black Boys and men with a group of women who know firsthand how I feel. It's not always easy, but I make time to serve, not only for my son, but for all of our sons. I want them to grow up in a world free of institutional racism that has them as its primary target. I want them to reach their fullest potential and be valued in society and afforded their constitutional rights like any mom. Until then, I will remain on the front lines putting my heels to the ground to fight for and protect them.”

MOBB United appreciates ALL of our volunteers. We need you, too. Please volunteer today.












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  *Special thanks to Teri Harris and Vivian Nwankpah for their contributions in the preparation of this edition.*  
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