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MOBB United Newsletter Edition 2 - August 2017



  Edition 2 August 2017 

NEWSLETTER    #ProtectOurSons



rom Fear to Fortitude: One Woman's Fight for Black Boys One Year Later

     This time last year, I was curled up in a ball on my bed, in tears   and feeling frustrated, angry and afraid. I was suffering from a condition I coined called “MOBB disorder,” the seemingly irrational...


Founder Depelsha McGruder

by Founder Depelsha McGruder

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MOBB United for Social Change Policy Committee Progress
by Marijke Annis

     The MOBB United for Social Change Policy Committee drives advocacy initiatives for our sister organization,  MOBB United for Social Change . As a committee, we research policies that impact Black men and boys, identify opportunities to ...
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Crys Baldwin, Chair of Events and Demonstrations

MOBB United for Social Change Call Center
"The Mighty Rapid Response Team"
by Laila Aziz

      When I joined the MOBB United Call Center, the first thing I realized was the passion and motivation of the Chair of Events and Demonstrations Crys Baldwin. I bet that will be one of the first things any new...

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MOBB United at Essence Woke Mom 2017 Festival

Moms of Black Boys United marks the first in a series of events
to commemorate the organization's 1st anniversary,
with a debut at the 2017 Essence Festival.

by Vanessa McCullers




     J uly 7, 2017 (New Orleans ) – Moms of Black Boys United (MOBB United), made its first appearance with great impact at the 2017 Essence Festival. Their booth activation in the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center was a hub of activity, attracting moms from all over the country looking for a way to help protect their sons, nephews, brothers and husbands from harsh injustices of police brutality, racial profiling and the school-to-prison pipeline. This activation signified the first major step in a series of ...

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Black Maternal Trauma
by Uchechi Eke

     To coincide with MOBB United’s 1-year anniversary, I was asked to compile a list of unarmed Black boys/men killed by police between July 2016 and July 2017.

     I knew the data existed.

     I knew it would be a daunting and cumbersome task.

     I knew it would resurrect painful...

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Uchechi Eke

All of Us
By CK LeDaniel


         I am the 56-year-old White mom of a Black boy. I can claim many other identities, as can my son, but bear with me for a moment. This is the identity that situates me, in a particular way, in an elementary school in Queens, New York, in the 1960s...

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Meet the Graduates!
By CK LeDaniel

     MOBB United moms know that our sons often have to work twice as hard and be twice as good to achieve the recognition and successes afforded to their white counterparts. From Pre-K to Post-Grad...

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by Depelsha McGruder


     Periodically, I select a mom's post that moved me personally. It may have inspired me or made me laugh, cry, or think differently. The following moms have been recognized with the MOBB to MOBB Award ...

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Woke Mom 2017 Summer Meetups

by CK LeDaniel and the Hostesses

       From Brooklyn to Baton Rouge, from Atlanta to Minnesota, from Philly to LA, MOBB United moms are stepping out! We are stepping out of the virtual world, that is, and meeting up in person in cities across the country. Amidst selfies and swag and speeches –- and lots of hugs -– we are getting to know each other and our mission...
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MOBB United Selects
by Tiffany Bargeman


    Volunteerism is rewarding, but the time, effort, energy, and passion we pour into it  is immeasurable.

     MOBB United Selects are nominated by their MOBB United peers. Strong women lift each other up, right? These ladies have been recognized this year for contributing so much to this organization .

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Become a 
volunteer today!

by Tiffany Bargeman



Kimberley Alexander



     Kimberley has two Black sons, both with special needs: A. Jay, 11 (pictured left), and Malik, 18. She works for Texas Children’s Health Plan as a Nurse Care Manager, but she volunteers with the MOBB United Special Needs Sub-committee to support any member with a child that has a need that is special -- mental illness, physical disability, emotional concerns, gifted classification, developmental delays, etc. Prior to the development of the MOBB United exclusive community, the Special Needs group communicated in a vibrant Messenger chat. now they have a space all their own. Kimberley also contributes her time and talents when needed on the Communications Committee.
     MOBB United appreciates Kimberley and all of our volunteers. We need you, too.

     Please volunteer today.

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    She says, “As Black men and boys, they have been a permanent Black men and boys with special needs they are preyed upon. Undeserved, misunderstood and passed over. Invisible to society and targeted by law enforcement. I want that to change, I want every son who is different to have a chance at life safely and through their lenses, not the ones we give them.”
A. Jay and Malik Alexander

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  *Special thanks to Teri Harris and Vivian Nwankpah for their contributions in the preparation of this edition.*  
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