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MOBB United Newsletter Edition 4 - October 2017


Edition 4 October 2017
NEWSLETTER #ProtectOurSons


Supporting Moms of Black Boys United, Inc.

     If you've been following our organization for a while, you already know that there are two sides to MOBB United's mission and approach. MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC) is our membership organization, which is dedicated to advocating for policy change at the local, state, and federal...



MOBB United Weathering the Storms

    Perhaps it was a moment of deja vu as the nation watched another hurricane form in the Atlantic after Hurricane Harvey had already devastated Texas just a couple of weeks before. This time, it was Irma who threatened the Caribbean and the state of Florida as...


Policy and Advocacy Committee Progress

    This summer, in partnership with our 501c3 sister organization, Moms of Black Boys United, Inc., the Policy and Advocacy Committee of MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC) has focused on outreach to congressional and state representatives. Revamping #MOBBUnitedGetInvolved, we reached out to and organized meetings with key stakeholders, Congressional representatives in particular. We kicked off the initiative with outreach to...


Supporting Moms of Black Boys United, Inc.: Fundraising Strategy

    This edition of the newsletter is dedicated to Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. the 501c3 sister organization of MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC)...Your support will continue our efforts to build...


HUFF Post Features Mom Kara Higgins' Op-Ed: "I am that B____."

    On September 27, HUFF POST shared an article covering a recent Op-Ed penned by MOBB United member, Kara L. Higgins titled "I am that B____"

Kara wrote the piece as a way to capture our collective displeasure at the compounding racial tensions and how it affects our Black boys and men. Thank you, Kara, for so eloquently putting into words what many of us feel every day...

Education and Engagement Kumari Ghafoor-Davis

Education and Engagement Committee Overview

    The Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. Education and Engagement Committee works to provide informative resources and referrals. The committee connects with community organizations and forms partnerships with law enforcement agencies, schools and other organizations to support the growth, development, and success of Black boys and men. Moms can get information and resources to be even better moms and seek guidance about their children’s social, academic...

Uchechi Eke

Black Maternal Trauma -
Part 3

    This article discusses the impact of negative, derogatory terms and stereotypes on the psyches of mothers and their sons...


Black Sons Abroad - Part 2

     As our series on Black Sons Abroad continues, I had the pleasure of talking with two moms who are raising their young princes, both 4 years old, in the United Kingdom (UK)...

Hopes and Dreams while Serving Time

Hopes and Dreams while Serving Time

   Nothing is more fervent than a mother’s love...When her son falls, a mom is always there to pick him up and dust off his every bruise...

Tiffany Bargeman

To Say or not to Say?

    Do you ever wonder whether or not you should respond to ignorance, afraid that you may offend someone? Well, until just recently...


Black Boy Joy!

     Our sons often are perceived by society and law enforcement as hyper-masculine, violent, threatening, unemotional, hard and impervious...But we moms know them better than that. We know their full...

Hostess Natasha Marie

Woke Mom Meetups

    Woke Mom Summer meetups were hot throughout August and September! Hostesses Shantia Coley and Sandra Kearns showed up and showed out in Charlotte and San Antonio on the same day, while Natash Marie and Dannie Jo took on upstate New York with a Woke...

Black Boy Feelings: Vol. 1: Boyhoo Co-Authors Richard Bryan and Jeana Lindo, Black Boy Feelings

An Interview with Richard Bryan on Black Boy Feelings: Vol. 1: Boyhood"

    "Honestly, the hope is that we can shed more light on the infinite variety that exists within the spectrum of Black masculinity. We want Black men to think more deeply about their emotions and believe that their artwork is valid and valuable. Mainstream society is mostly only concerned..."


She says, "I MOBB because Black boys and men walk a tight rope between their educations, their futures, their families and the systemic racism of racial profiling and mass incarceration. I MOBB because as the mother of a Black boy, I cannot be idle. I have to try and change the world."

Volunteer Shout Out:
C.K. LeDaniel

    Passionate, vocal, caring, self-aware, protective, willing, proactive...these are just the first few characteristics that come to mind when C.K.'s name is mentioned. She has made many contributions to Moms of Black Boys United, Inc...


*The organization is seeking help in many areas, including copy editing, research, graphic design, etc. We have an urgent need for Chapter leaders for cities and towns all across the country. If you're ready to start a local chapter, the Chapter Leader application is available.*



 Purchase from the MOBB United store to support the cause



Purchase from the MOBB United store to support the cause

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*Special thanks to C.K. LeDaniel, Teri Harris and Vivian Nwankpah>
for their contributions in the preparation of the newsletter.*
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