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  • published Our Voice 2024-03-15 07:28:44 -0500

    Our Voice

  • published Internship Program in Our Resources 2024-03-12 17:09:07 -0500

    Internship Program

    MOBB United 2023 Intern Jazz Miles

    M.O.B.B. United is committed to creating opportunities for our SonShines to learn and grow.

    In 2017, we officially launched our internship program nationally, providing opportunities for young people to gain real-life experience. To date, M.O.B.B. United has hosted 14 interns in the areas of Communication, Policy, Social Media, and M.O.B.B. Connections.

    M.O.B.B. United wants to continue to provide opportunities for young men and women to impact the important work being done; we want to assist the coming generations to gain a sense of responsibility to stand up and use their voice.

    If you are interested in Policy & Advocacy, Content & Communications, Educational Advocacy, Health & Wellness, Project Management, Strategic Partnerships, or local Chapter Development please email your letter of interest and resume to [email protected]

  • published Committees in Our Resources 2024-03-12 17:07:08 -0500


    MOBB United Committees

    M.O.B.B. United's Executive Director (ED) is responsible for the day-to-day operations.  Committee members are volunteers who partner with the ED to ensure the work is done. If you are a MOBB and you are interested in volunteering with one of our committees, please take a moment to visit our Volunteer Page.

    Policy & Advocacy

    Monitor, review, and suggest public policies and develop policy implementation plans for M.O.B.B. United through policy mechanisms such as bills, laws, and regulations in order to prevent and prosecute the use of excessive force and unjustified deadly force against Black men and boys. The Policy & Advocacy committee is also responsible for monitoring incidents involving Black men and boys and initiating an organizational response. [email protected]

    Content & Communications

    Set and guide the strategy for all communications, website content, public relations messages and collateral to consistently articulate M.O.B.B. United's mission. This includes op-ed Creation, anti-defamation/media monitoring, social media, media relations, communications strategy and creative services & content development. [email protected]

    Educational Advocacy

    Educational Advocacy assists moms and sons by providing informative resources and referrals, connecting with community organizations, and forming partnerships with schools and other organizations to support the growth, development, and success of Black boys and men. This includes assisting families with issues related to I.D.E.A. and the fair treatment of exceptional students. [email protected]

    Health & Wellness

    Assist the M.O.B.B. United community in dealing with the trauma associated with the repeated unjustified killings and negative media images of Black males. Primarily addressing anxiety, fear, sadness and PTSD. M.O.B.B. United Health & Wellness aims to be inclusive and accessible to all MOBBs [email protected]


    Organizational tech assistance, which includes building, maintaining, managing the M.O.B.B. United infrastructure to support organization activities. The Tech committee troubleshoots and provides direct assistance to M.O.B.B. United leaders, assists in securing proprietary information, and email assignment and security.  [email protected]

    Strategic Partnerships

    In direct partnership with the Executive Director, this committee helps to identify, cultivate, and manage the strategic partnerships of both Moms of Black Boys United & Moms of Black Boys for Social Change. [email protected]

    Chapter Development

    Serving as a resource to local Chapter Leaders, Chapter Development coordinates with members from various states and regions to provide a vehicle to protect and support Black boys and men through influencing local policies and regulations, demonstrating collective political and economic power, changing perceptions, partnering strategically with local/state organizations, and promoting self-care in our respective communities. [email protected]


    Do you need assistance? Email [email protected]  

  • Black Man, You Are Worthy - We Stand With You!

    We are closing out our month of "Loving on the Black Man" with The NY Innocence Project. Join us as we talk with Christina Swarns, Executive Director and Kyana Champion, Social Worker. We will be discussing the importance of grace, redemption, and most of all believing in our Black men. They deserve to know that we trust their word and will fight on their behalf!


    Watch this episode:



  • published The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys in Podcast Episodes 2024-03-11 11:52:56 -0500

    The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys

    Join Amber Williams, Houston Chapter Leader and Executive Director, Kimberley Alexander. Learn what MOBB United is doing and how you can get involved.


    Watch this episode:



  • Devine Carama is Pushing Past The Trauma

    M.O.B.B. United continues to Love On The Black Man with the AMAZING Devine Carama on The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys. In 2022, Devine became the first hip-hop artist from Kentucky to receive an Emmy Award! The ultimate #GirlDad, he has dedicated his life to building community and creating healthy, whole, emotionally intelligent boys and girls.


    Watch this episode:



  • Black Man, You Deserve to Be Whole - Mind, Body & Soul

    MOBB United launches Love on the Black Man Month with Black Man, You Deserve to Be Whole - Mind, Body & Soul on The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys. Tune in as we unpack trauma and discuss ways to heal with Dr. Patrick Thompson, MDiv, ThM, ND and Brian L. Turner, Ph.D. Let's learn how to honor your whole self. We want our Black men to Thrive not just survive.


    Watch this episode:



  • published Make It Plain - Write the Vision in Podcast Episodes 2024-03-11 11:44:49 -0500

    Make It Plain - Write the Vision

    Start 2024 off right -grab your sons and tune in to The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys for our annual Vision Board Party, with Lucinda Cross. A 2020 study showed that 59% of individuals and 82% of small business owners who created a vision board were more successful at reaching their goals. Be part of that number and set up your year for success!


    Watch this episode:



  • Bridging The Gap - Police-In The Community

    “Police in the Community” — Gather every mom of a black boy you know. It’s time for another Talk on our next episode of “The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys”

    January 2nd at 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT we talk with Kim Varner Sr. a 26-year retired veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office who lost his son to violence, shares profound insights on "Police in the Community: Truly Being a Part of the People." As the Senior Instructor and Director of Programs for Dedication to Community, a national nonprofit fostering healing and unity, his perspective is both eye-opening and motivational.

    Read more
  • published Reclaiming My Name! in Podcast Episodes 2024-03-11 11:37:52 -0500

    Reclaiming My Name!

    Featuring SONshine, Christopher Smith & his incredible mom, Regenna Grier. Christopher shares how he was wrongfully convicted of two armed robberies, was held on a million dollar bail, and spent thirteen years of his life trying to reclaim his name, freedom, and realize his dream of becoming a fire fighter. His mother Regenna, a DC police officer was forced to live her worst nightmare and was torn between her life's work and protecting her son.


    Watch this episode:



  • The Official Launch: An Intimate Chat with Kim & Depelsha

    MOBB United Founder Depelsha McGruder in conversation with newly announced Executive Director, Kimberley Alexander exploring Kim's journey and discussing what's in store for "The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys" and MOBB United!


    Watch this episode:



  • Introducing: The New Talk — For Moms of Black Boys

    Launching November 28, 2023 — Listen to our Executive Director, Kimberley R. Alexander, and our first male intern, Jazz Miles, chat it up about what to expect in upcoming episodes!


    Watch this episode:



  • Depelsha Thomas McGruder

      July 7, 2016

    I am starting this group today because I don't know what else to do. I am upset and in tears and living fear every day for my sons who are only seven and four. I cry on every one of their birthdays because I know that each year that they grow, they will be viewed as less innocent and more of a threat to society. This is not normal or fair. I am hoping that we can create a support system for each other -- If nothing else to have a private place to vent --or possibly to evolve into an education and advocacy group. For now, I just need the love and support for my sisters who may be feeling the same way :-( Thank you for joining.

    Original Facebook Group post:
    Depelsha McGruder Original 2017 Facebook Group Post

    Depelsha McGruder is Founder and Board Chair of Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. (MOBB United) and M.O.B.B. United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC). She is a distinguished leader committed to reshaping societal perceptions and policies impacting Black boys and men. Currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer & Treasurer at the Ford Foundation, Depelsha oversees global finance and operations for 11 offices across the US, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

  • Kimberley Robinson Alexander

    In 2016 I found myself fighting alone. My son was nine years old and facing health challenges when he had his first police contact in his elementary school. I felt helpless as I saw the fear in my son's eyes. In his life there was so much I could not control, and now I could not control how the school was hurting him. I was in the middle of fighting, trying to preserve the hope in my son's eyes, the joy he once had when I was added to a group of women who were screaming the same thing. MOBB United gave me a place to turn my outrage into action and I felt less alone.

    I have watched this world incrementally dim the light from my son's eyes. Trying to restore the glow and remind him of his greatness is why I am still here.

    My two sons deserve to thrive, receive grace, love, peace, joy, and to have a future free of harm!

  • published Our Initiatives in The Work 2024-03-09 05:55:55 -0600

    Our Initiatives

    MOBB United is dedicated to eliminating the racial disparity that puts our Black sons at a disadvantage in the areas of education and the criminal justice system. To do this, we promote changing negative perceptions and increasing awareness and understanding of the plight of Black boys and men in America. We enable Moms of Black sons to tell their stories, celebrate their accomplishments, and connect them to opportunities that enrich the lives of their sons.

    Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. initiatives are designed to:

    • Change negative perceptions and stereotypes of Black males
    • Equip Moms with vital information needed to raise strong, successful Black sons
    • Promote self-care for the whole family

    Current Initiatives

    The New Talk for Moms of Black Boys Podcast

    The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys

    In December 2023, M.O.B.B. United debuted our podcast The NEW Talk: For Moms of Black Boys. We are changing the way we talk to our sons; why we talk to our sons; and how we talk about our sons! Our SonShines deserve to grow up without the constant exposure to trauma, especially at home. We are having the broader conversations around life and the liberties all of our families deserve.

    We Are Changing the Narrative!

    If you are the parent of a Black boy, you know what THE TALK is. You also know what it feels like to see the innocence of childhood dimmed in the eyes of your SonShine, as you have that talk. But that is not all we are talking about!  THE NEW TALK is educating, enlightening, and sharing information to bridge the gap between all communities. 

    THE NEW TALK is for every member of the family as we are stronger together. The way we strengthen community is to join community in the solutions. 

    Tune in on the M.O.B.B. United LinkedIn, Facebook, Spotify, or YouTube pages to see previously aired episodes and catch all of our new content! 

    Le^el Up The V*te

    Our democratic process depends on us! The memoir of America tells the tale of how we had to fight for our right to vote, to exercise our right to vote, and all the ways this country has attempted to strip us of our right to vote. M.O.B.B. United knows all the reasons to be discouraged about participating in the voting process, but we must! 

    Le^el Up The V*te, MOBB United's voter education campaign is geared towards providing the educational resources needed to make an informed decision at the ballot box. The Le^el Up The V*te campaign will focus on all levels of the election process and how they impact our community directly. We need to be involved in state, city, and county elections if we want to affect change for our SonShines. 


    Let's Le^el Up The V*te today! 

    Protect 'em Campaign

    The #ProtectEm campaign, initially launched as the #ProtectThem campaign, was one of the first actions taken by the organization in 2016, born of the frustration and urgent cries of Moms everywhere who were afraid for their son's safety in the hands of law enforcement.  The country was still reeling from the collective trauma of witnessing online the brutal treatment of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, followed by countless others. This social media imagery campaign quickly became a key initiative and cornerstone of the MOBB United mission.The intent is to flood the internet with positive images of Black boys and men; to soften them visually and underscore the reality that Black boys are not a monolith. We want to change the unfair narrative that our boys and men are inherently violent and lack boundaries. Our Black boys have to navigate life in the face of a world that devalues them; they work hard in school, play sports, have friends of all races, and have goals to become high school and college graduates and live productive lives. We want the world to see them the way their Mothers see them from birth - a precious life that deserves love and protection from harm.Since the inception of this campaign, we have used this ideology and hashtag across all our platforms to drive this message out to the masses in hopes that it will accomplish the very thing that MOBB United was founded upon; to change the perception of young Black males in society.

    Check out this #Protectem video!


    Half of the 250 Kids Expelled from Preschool Each Day Are Black Boys. 

    From the moment a Black boy is born, he enters a pipeline with a predetermined trajectory that often ends with being incarcerated. The School to Prison Pipeline is a real thing and it starts with a lack of GRACE for the SonShines we raise. History says making mistakes as a Black boy or man can be catastrophic at almost any age.

    M.O.B.B. United is tired of telling the story that ends with the disproportionate suspension, expulsion, and incarceration of our sons. ALL of our SonShines deserve GRACE, UNDERSTANDING, & LOVE. They deserve the opportunity to grow from mistakes rather than receive the harsh punishments the currently receive.

    The Grace Campaign

    The GRACE Campaign is M.O.B.B. United's newest Changing Perceptions initiative. We will be telling the stories of redemption and personal growth, despite the struggles our SonShines may have experienced. We want to demonstrate how providing support, love, compassion, and understanding while redirecting negative behavior can lead to outcomes that keep our SonShines at home, rather than the penal system. Our children can succeed and M.O.B.B. United want to extend the GRACE they need to do so!



  • published Our 5 Pillars in The Work 2024-03-09 05:55:38 -0600

    Our 5 Pillars

    MOBB United's 5-pillar approach is our mission in motion—

    Each pillar demonstrates how MOBB United is working to bring our ultimate goal to fruition— a society where our SonShines are seen for the intelligent, innovative, loving, people they are! 

    1. Change Perceptions – Promoting positive imagery and providing opportunities for Black men and Boys to be seen as productive, contributing, values members of our society. 

    2. Influence Policy - Utilizing our collective voice in support of policies that protect Black men and boys and create and/or safeguard the basic freedoms all of our SonShines are entitled to.

    3. Demonstrate our Power – Leveraging our resources, and vote as a means to illustrate the power we have as a people.

    4. Partner Strategically – Partnering with like-minded organizations whose mission and purpose aligns with ours.

    5. Promote Self-Care -  Because we know this is a marathon not a sprint, we encourage and provide ways to preserve and replenish our fuel for the fight, centralizing on spirituality, mindfulness, and healthy self-care practices.

  • published Our Why in The Work 2024-03-09 05:54:55 -0600

    Our Why

    MOBB United - Our Why

    Like all moms, we want our SonShines to have a chance to live, learn, and leave their legacies. United, we will protect their right to do so and help them to not just survive but thrive.

  • published The Work in Who We Are 2024-03-09 05:52:25 -0600

    The Work: