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Volunteer Shout Out

By Tiffany Bargeman

Kimberley Alexander   A. Jay and Malik Alexander

     MOBB United's Volunteer Shout Out this month goes to Kimberley Alexander.

Kimberley has two Black sons, both with special needs: A. Jay, 11 (pictured left), and Malik, 18. A. Jay has a rare condition called Eosinophilic Esophagitis. Malik suffered a brain injury when he was nine years old, which caused Kimberley to take the murder of Keith Scott hard. Protecting her sons is a critical mission for Kimberley. Texas TV station KHOU 11 featured A. Jay's story on the news not long ago, and there's more in this public Facebook video.

     We asked Kimberley to tell us more about why she gives so much of her time, talent and energy to this organization. You know what she told us?

     “As Black men and boys, they have been a permanent Black men and boys with special needs they are preyed upon. Underserved, misunderstood and passed over. Invisible to society and targeted by law enforcement. I want that to change, I want every son who is different to have a chance at life safely and through their lenses, not the ones we give them.”

     Check out this video featuring heartfelt words of moms with special needs Black sons. It shows more about why Kimberley has rolled up her sleeves to protect not only her son, but our sons.

     Here's how Kimberley has been contributing:

  • Works with the Special Needs Committee to support any member with a child that has a need that is special
  • As a part of MOBB United Outreach, traveled to Tulsa, OK with a group of moms to offer support to Terence Crutcher’s loved ones. Visited the site of his last breath and attended his funeral.
  • Former co-lead of the Houston Chapter of MOBB United.
  • Freelances with the Communications Committee, assisting where needed with communications strategy.
  • Assists with keeping the Facebook community respectful and shares valuable information about how to protect our sons.

     Kimberley is very busy with MOBB United and her family; her list of contributions is long. It may be hard for some to believe that one woman can do so much; but as fellow moms, we all know how it goes.

     Remember that ONE thing is a big thing. If you volunteer to do just one thing that you have time and energy to do, it is SOMEthing that will make a world of difference in the lives of our sons. Please volunteer today.

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