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MOBB United Selects

By Tiffany Bargeman

     Volunteerism is rewarding, but the time, effort, energy, and passion we pour into it is immeasurable. We all know already that moms are absolutely the busiest people in the world. Raising our children qualifies us for that title. And yet we go so far beyond that calling, many by volunteering with this organization. MOBB United appreciates the hard work of all of our volunteers.

     MOBB United Selects are nominated by their MOBB United peers. Strong women lift each other up, right? These ladies have been recognized this year for contributing so much to this organization: Vivian Nwankpah (February), Beth Lunde (March), Alycia Michelle Grace (May), and Tee Wilson (June). Help us honor these women by joining the fight to protect our sons. We need you on the front lines too. Our sons’ lives are worth it.

MOBB United Selects Vivian Nwankpah

MOBB United Selects Beth Lunde

MOBB United Selects Alycia Michelle Grace

MOBB United Selects Tee Wilson

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