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Supporting Moms of Black Boys United, Inc.

By Crys Baldwin and Vanessa McCullers

Donate     This edition of the newsletter is dedicated to Moms of Black Boys United, Inc., the 501c3 sister organization of MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC). The mission of Moms of Black Boys United is to provide information and support for moms of Black sons while promoting positive images of Black boys and men. In addition to producing image campaigns to change the negative perceptions of our Black sons, we believe in making a difference through a holistic approach to strengthening the overall health and wellness of moms and the families of Black boys and men. This important work must be funded, so we are seeking donations for Moms of Black Boys United. By donating, you will be pledging to support an organization that has a singular focus and mission to protect our Black sons.

     With your pledge of support, Moms of Black Boys United can educate the community about our mission by hosting community forums across the nation to educate moms and sons on topics like those covered in the Saturday bi-weekly national status and update conference calls (from Know Your Rights and How to Interact with Law Enforcement to Preventing Bullying and the School to Prison Pipeline), but in person with community stakeholders present. These meetings will provide a platform for our mission to be heard and for moms to gather to raise awareness of our mission and hold elected officials accountable.

     Your support will continue our efforts to build the organization, which has a targeted approach to provide comprehensive resources for Moms of Black boys and men by providing the following:

  • Informational webinars/seminars featuring experts with advice on topics relevant for moms and sons.
  • Parenting workshops to support and empower moms by teaching them how to advocate for their sons.
  • Victim support funds to support families who have been affected by police brutality.
  • A resource database of expert consultants/partnerships that include mental health, education and criminal justice.

     How much should you donate to this worthy cause? Here are some more examples of what varying levels of support will allow:

  • $250: Helps create and maintain regular seminars/webinars in communities across the country to assist Moms in navigating the education and judicial systems.
  • $100: Helps to fund our image campaigns, distributed through social media platforms and beyond. Image campaigns, like #ProtectThem, are meant to:
    -Help change the perception of our Black boys and men.
    -Celebrate our Black sons.
    -In some cases, provide information to help others understand the plight of our sons and inspire them to advocate on behalf of Black boys and men.
  • $50: Allows Moms of Black Boys United to provide support to moms who have lost their loved ones at the hands of police brutality. One such way that we have provided support is by assisting with funeral arrangements, providing monetary support in times of need, and helping to  identify community/government funded resources to further assist.

     Moms of Black Boys United, Inc., as an eligible U.S. charitable organization, is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and not classified as a private foundation or certain types of supporting organizations.

     Company Donation Matching: While you carefully consider your donation, did you know that many companies support causes that are important to their employees by matching their charitable donations? Before you send your contribution, find out if your company will double or triple your impact to influence change in supporting Moms of Black Boys United. Matching your donation is simple. Enter your employer's name here, or check with your company's human resources department to see if they have a matching gift program. Most companies will provide you with a short form to complete and send to us with your donation. We will verify your donation, and send the completed form to your company for processing. It's that easy!

     Let's continue the movement of moms that came before us to press forward as a collective unit across the US and globally to drive change. We each must take a stand -- make it our business -- to do the critical work required to protect our sons. It has been said that when women get involved, a movement becomes serious. You are the movement behind the mission of Moms of Black Boys United. Your donation will help save lives.

     When you're ready, you can make a quick and easy donation online to Moms of Black Boys United. If you have questions, send them to [email protected].

     Thank you.

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