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Weathering the Storms: Harvey and Irma

By Amber E. Williams

MOBBUnited Weathering the Storms

     Perhaps it was a moment of deja vu as the nation watched another hurricane form in the Atlantic after Hurricane Harvey had already devastated Texas just a couple of weeks before.  This time, it was Irma who threatened the Caribbean and the state of Florida as a category five hurricane. Florida residents took heed of the impending threat of the storm and evacuated to safety or prepared to ride out the storm, learning from Texas to take the situation seriously. The nation held its breath as Irma pounded the Caribbean islands and loomed toward the United States. On September 10th, Hurricane Irma landed on the southwest side of Florida and, like Harvey in Texas, left a trail of tornadoes, flooding, and destruction.

     Even though Houston and other parts of Texas are still reeling from the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, help and aid has not run out, and this assistance is extended to victims of Hurricane Irma. Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. stands ready to support moms in the state of Florida, just as it has done over the past few weeks in Houston. It is the goal of MOBB United to help moms in Texas and in Florida to recover physically, emotionally, and mentally from these natural disasters.

     In Houston, moms are using this opportunity of service and volunteerism to change how law enforcement and first responders view our Black sons. The sons of Houston moms are participating in the volunteer effort alongside their moms by donating items, serving others, and providing meals and refreshments to those who are helping.  As recovery efforts in Florida and Texas continue, MOBB United will continue to be there to support our moms and their sons.

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