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Founder's Corner - An Open Letter to the President

By Depelsha McGruder


     Our sons are heading back to school, and heavy on my mind is what they may encounter when walking or driving home from school. In this age of “law and order,” it is our responsibility to make sure they are well aware and prepared for what the current climate may bring. If those who have vowed to protect and serve all citizens were to listen to our nation's leader, law enforcement officers have carte blanche to act as judge and jury on the streets, before someone is convicted of a crime. As a mom, the thought any of our sons becoming a victim of mistaken identity based on “fitting the description” of a suspect, then being roughed up by police with a direct endorsement from the President is a very scary proposition.

    On July 28, President Donald Trump addressed an audience of law enforcement officers in Suffolk County, NY. I responded with this open letter on behalf of MOBB United for Social Change (MUSC). I’m still waiting to hear back from him.

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