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MOBB United for Social Change Call Center Update

By Laila Aziz

Laila Aziz

      In July, MOBB United for Social Change's (MUSC) Rapid Response team worked on a myriad of local, state and national issues. MUSC Founder Depelsha McGruder's open letter to President Donald Trump was the highlight of the month for the Call Center. In July, during a speech to Long Island police officers, President Trump gave permission to officers to brutalize handcuffed suspects. We helped the Founder craft the open letter, demanding that the President retract his statement.

     In her subsequent call to action for federal legislatures, McGruder summarizes moms’ fears for our sons eloquently. The letter, representing all moms of Black sons, is a demand for humanity and the same constitutional rights afforded to all.

"We understand that police officers have a tough job. They face many dangerous situations. It’s not a job for the faint of heart, and we pray for them to make it home safely every night, along with our prayers for our sons. But it is also not a job for the angry, the recklessly violent, the easily startled, the lawless or those with a depraved heart. We call on all police officers to speak up, to stand up, to right wrongs and to firmly reject this message of brutality."

     The letter was followed by a call to action encouraging members to contact their representatives and asking them to speak out against the President’s careless and dangerous remarks.

    The Calls Center’s Rapid Response Team stays busy; the current events in this volatile American climate of racism demand it. There is no time to lose, and we need additional volunteers to make calls. If you are interested in making calls regularly, please send an email to [email protected]. Stay tuned for updates.

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