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Volunteer Shout Out: Natasha Marie

By Tiffany Bargeman

“Being a volunteer with MOBB United has literally been a Godsend! My prayer has been to connect with other women who are of like-minded faith. Finding other women who are mothers (particularly of Black boys) has been an added bonus to my prayers.
When I realized that this was more than just a Facebook page, I felt like I needed to do MORE. Just enjoying the lovely pics of our boys was not enough. When I offered to volunteer, I had no idea what I was signing up for! I was asked if I would volunteer specifically with the newsletter and with hesitation I raised my hand slowly—again, not really sure of the commitment. I am here to tell you that this was one of the best decisions I've made in a long time! As a person who loves to write, this was the absolute best use of my skill and talent as a volunteer. The women I've been able to connect with as a volunteer have not only blessed me with their stories of triumph, but also with their friendship. I'm doing more than just writing stories; I am bonding with unsung (mommy) heroes and giving them a voice! This experience has been more than fulfilling and life-changing, to say the least. It has been a sheer joy to help out in this way. The one thing I love about volunteering is that none of it is mandatory. If I'm unable to commit, I can communicate that, and there's no feeling of pressure or obligation. I can volunteer at my own comfortable pace. The more volunteers, the merrier, because there is SO much work to be done in this fight for social change. When more volunteers come forward, it will mean that the work can be shared among the masses instead of being carried by a small handful of faithful few. I strongly encourage anyone and everyone to consider volunteering because not only do we NEED the gifts and talent that only YOU can offer, but volunteering might just change your life!”

     This lady right here! Natasha Marie has hit the ground running with MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC) and Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. She volunteered to write for the newsletter and has so far turned out some excellent pieces: “Young, Black and Incarcerated” and “Hopes and Dreams while Serving Time”, both of which give a powerful voice to moms of incarcerated sons. Check out her latest piece, "Black Sons in Military Service," in this edition of the newsletter. While connecting with moms who normally may be silent about their emotions on sensitive subjects concerning their sons, Natasha has a sincere way of drawing out the best stories—with love.

     Of course, this is her volunteer work. Like most of us, not only does working a full-time job and raising her son keep her extra busy, but she's also an entrepreneur and published author. She recently collaborated and published a book titled "First Lady Redefined.”

     Despite all of her personal activities, Natasha found time to host a Woke Mom Meet-up in Rochester, NY in September and is excited about starting a local chapter. (Oh, and she raps, but that's another story.) And she hosted a Pink Post Card Party in Rochester, NY and will mail those important notes to local representatives in an effort to effect change for our sons.

     There's much work to do for MOBB United, and we're so glad to have Natasha's creativity, passion, and energy on our team. MOBB United thanks you, Natasha Marie!

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