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Celebrating our Black Sons as Fathers



By Tiffany Bargeman


          The priceless relationship between a father and his children is to be honored and cherished. Fathers provide strength, safety, and stability; they have special bonds with their sons and daughters.

          The perception that most Black men don't step up to the responsibilities of fatherhood must be changed. It's just one more wrong generalization that leads people to devalue our sons’ lives. The term “baby daddy”, which originally had negative connotations, has been used so often to mock Black fathers that it has been adopted as a mainstream reference. It still carries a stigma. Let's get back to using the word FATHER when referring to our sons with children. The word FATHER implies not only strength, safety, and stability, but LOVE. Our sons love their children. Our sons deserve to live long and prosperous lives, and to LOVE and raise their children to do the same. They have the right to leave their legacies -- including beauty, talent, and values -- on this Earth as much as any other man. As one of our five platforms, MOBB United works hard to change perception of Black boys and men so they can thrive. As mothers, grandmothers and “aunties”, nothing is more precious than seeing our sons being fathers to their children.

          Let's acknowledge and celebrate them and the love they have for their children. We requested pictures of your sons with their children via the MOBB United Facebook group page. Thank you for sharing that #blackboyjoy with us! Please enjoy this beautiful compilation of pics of our sons with their children. This is just one of several image campaigns; check out #protectthem and #sayhisname images as well. Then please read this thought provoking piece on victims of Law enforcement violence and harassment and decide how you can be part of the solution.


We hope our sons had an awesome father's Day!