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MOBB United Poetry

By Shellie Moore Guy

          This is a poem I wrote in 1990-1991 when my sons and daughters were faced with harassment and stereotypical behaviors from the white community -- police, teachers, etc. I considered this issue in the historical context and understood my sons would need to maneuver and live in this world, where they are considered a threat and "less than". And because of that, their lives would be threatened. But they come from a rich tradition of strength, courage and intelligence.


Your commitment makes them sweat.

Serious Black Business causes them sleepless nights.

They've called the law and started rumors designed to divide. Don't forget their fathers planned to conquer this way before.

Black Sons signify hope and promise, unity and clenched fists when necessary they gather strength through love and carry weights only heroes are required to tote.

And yes, delicious righteous anger should make them sweat.

They understand the audaciousness of their crimes.

separated families

butchered babies

Violated mothers

castrated fathers.

 When they distort history

steal languages

cop creations

deny freedom,

they inadvertently help to create

Commuted Black Sons

Denmark Vesey

Steve Biko

Fred Hampton



Martin. Murdered mentors

who left legacies for the Sons

My Sons

their nightmares.

Copyright 1995

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