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MOBB United Poetry: Jamie Hoffman's "The Legacy of America"

POET BIOGRAPHY: Jamie Hoffman is an adjunct English instructor at a community college in North Carolina and a middle school English teacher. She devotes majority of her time to her loving family, her church, and her writing. Her poetry is socially conscious, and it shows a keen sense of cultural awareness. She has published many of her poems on her personal blogs. In addition, she published her first young adult novel this year, titled Finding Fatima. The novel depicts Fatima's struggle to find her place in the world amid inequalities, bullies, and her own insecurities. The book is available on Amazon and as an E-reader on Kindle Fire.


The Legacy of America

Red, white, and blue, yes, you!
When all is said and done what will be the legacy of your daughters and your sons?
Will we remember the true natives who were slaughtered and uprooted so that flags of England could be placed upon bloody soil?
Do you hear the beat of their drums? The war cry of their souls? Their arrows piercing the wind?
Fooled into believing their foes were their friends.
Travel to a reservation and watch the legacy of this country's sin
Let's make America great again
Will we remember the hundreds of years of free labor of mothers, fathers, and children ripped from the motherland to toil and build this country in the day of light and the darkness of the sun?
This is the land of democracy, where equality was fought and won...
Why aren't you happy? Why don't you feel free? Why do you blame the past for your grief and misery?
Well, hmmm let me see...
Flash back, families divided misplaced and displaced, the woman of color took on a role that was not her place, and the man she loved become a shell of manhood, forced to submit like an animal and become docile and weak. Now years later after sharecropping, segregation, Jim Crow, and hateful-hooded-hoodlums were allowed to run free-to kill, rape, and go forth on murdering sprees, We say get over it! Yet, historically we can still see in the 21st century the "first" title given when a medal or award is presented?
Are we there yet? Have you not arrived? Put away the shades and imagine what it means to be watched and monitored when you enter a store, stopped because you fit a description, stereotyped and considered a second class citizen, you bring the value of the property down, even with degrees of honor a job cannot be found, because you don't know the right person. Inner city living? Drugs pushed into communities and pushed through veins by business men in suits, how can a thug get a plane to ship the cocaine?  But I digress, 40 acres and a mule to help you climb out of the pit, and yet, it was never seen.
No reparations for you, for them! This country owes you nothing! The rich are not rich from the slave trade or the servitude of the blacks, so take this here freedom we are offering and catch up from your place of lack
Get your education, buy a house, and a car, forget about discrimination, racism, and prejudice, because they no longer exist, you are just a lazy bum wanting a handout from my check, but wait a minute let me check, how can a minority receive the most aid? I think statistically that is a lie that lacks depth
Do you want wealth?
This is America, America, so dream big, work hard, and succeed!
Feed your pockets, make them full, so that you can become the elite, top percent
Then you will never have to worry about the past, only how you will keep what you got, study the market hard, so that you don't lose a dime, walk over the back of the weak, and focus on your own kind, we are strong, we are better, we are powerful!
Make American great again?
Will we feed the hungry? Will we educate the youth? Will we love EVERYBODY? EVERYBODY? Will we give before we take? Will we truly look to God before decisions are made?
I wish we could, I wish we would make America Again,
Not great, because it never has been,
But make it more honest, make it more true
Make it more inclusive, loving, and kind, make it more by keeping God forth most in our minds.
America this is the place, the building blocks and foundation of the great dream, that many immigrants came to obtain, looking for a better way. You want to build a wall? Build a wall that will keep our true enemy away!
America is a beautiful place, full of beautiful people of all cultures and ethnicities, but to become great we need more than a flag, a slogan, a song, or pledge, we need a fear and respect for God!
Please let us make America, let us rebuild and restructure this land, I'm not asking you to take a stand, I'm asking you to bend a knee, bow down with me
Pray to God-for this land is dying, crying, bleeding, and pleading,  and healing is truly what we need, not a race war, filled with fear, anger, hatred, and destruction, but understanding, kindness, peace, and love overflowing from one soul to the next
We need lies to be made truths, darkness to be made light, change to be made real, and the true power of God to come forth like a balm and heal
So bow down and pray to God for the future of your daughters and your sons is at hand, we seek something far greater than a man or women's solution for this land,  we want the legacy of God's perfect will and divine plan!
Jamie Hoffman, AKA J. W. Hoffman

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