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MOBB United Poetry

Walking the Circle

by Keisha Gaye-Anderson

How many times
can you walk a circle?

You are breathless
in this flesh
blind and forgetful
and partially deaf
pulled by the nose
across the globe like cattle
aching from a boundless hunger
which is really only

Why I?
Why now?
Why pain?
Why at all?

And you are marching
toward that carrot
straight into the mouths of cannibals
that live in your
peripheral vision
in the foreground
in the background
in the space in
between your eyes

They are a mist
coating you with
a mask that you
mistake for
your reflection

So when you hear,
A man was shot today
A man was lynched today
A street vendor was bulldozed today
A woman was raped today
A child...

You say,
"That is out there"

how many times can you walk a circle?
and not know that
You are the corpse
The wrinkled street vendor
The strange fruit
The woman sawed in two
The child
The child
The child?

How many times
how fast
can you walk
a circle
before crashing into

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