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Bridging The Gap - Police-In The Community

“Police in the Community” — Gather every mom of a black boy you know. It’s time for another Talk on our next episode of “The New Talk: For Moms of Black Boys”

January 2nd at 7 pm ET / 6 pm CT we talk with Kim Varner Sr. a 26-year retired veteran of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office who lost his son to violence, shares profound insights on "Police in the Community: Truly Being a Part of the People." As the Senior Instructor and Director of Programs for Dedication to Community, a national nonprofit fostering healing and unity, his perspective is both eye-opening and motivational.

At 61 years young, Kim Varner Sr. has invested over two decades of his life in making a positive impact. Despite facing the personal tragedy of losing his son Desi to violence in 2015, he actively walks the streets three days a week, encouraging young men to put down their guns and supporting second chances.

Tune in for a conversation with a genuine community hero who mentors 42 kids in the Jacksonville area, championing positive change. It's a narrative of strength, hope, and an unwavering commitment to creating meaningful change.


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