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Virtual Viewing Party for 13th Documentary

I just finished viewing the documentary “13th” on Netflix that was produced by the uber talented Ava Duvernay. Wow. I am left speechless at how well it describes the history of African-Americans’ ongoing relationship with being enslaved (both legally and illegally) in the United States. Specifically, 13th outlines the provisions and loopholes in the 13th amendment. It takes a look at the prison industrial complex and how the war on drugs, privatization of prisons and the need for profit have driven policies that have led to filling prisons at any cost. Most often, the cost is paid by young Black men. Our sons.

This documentary is a must see in that it frames and helps to aid greater awareness and understanding of the tall challenge of the work that we have to do. That’s why M.O.B.B. United is hosting a virtual viewing party. We encourage everyone to watch this important film. We will host a discussion on it very soon, so stay tuned for more information.


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