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Rapid Response Alert - Tulsa, OK

MOBB United for Social Change demands action from the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Police Department. 


Although Betty Shelby was found not guilty of killing Terrence Crutcher, that doesn’t mean she is an effective police officer. For now, Tulsa’s Chief of Police has indicated that Shelby will not return to patrol duty. But that is simply not enough.

Shelby’s judgment when under pressure is questionable and she likely violated departmental policies. Shelby’s own statements during her recent trial for the manslaughter of Terrence Crutcher demonstrate this.  Shelby testified that she was “the most scared she’s ever been in her life” during the encounter with Crutcher – broad daylight, surrounded by fellow officers, where the victim had his arms up and was walking backwards in plain view.  

The Tulsa Police Department should consider her termination. In addition, the department should immediately initiate comprehensive reforms of the department, including mandatory training on implicit bias and de-escalation practices.

As MOBB United for Social Change we must continue to fight for justice and reform to protect our sons.


Call To Action

#ProtectThem by demanding action from the City of Tulsa and the Tulsa Police Department.


Please contact Chief Chuck Jordan and Mayor G.T. Bynum and request the following:

  • Immediate termination of Officer Betty Shelby’s employment
  • Initiation of comprehensive reforms of Tulsa’s policing practices, including implementing mandatory training in implicit bias and de-escalation

Mayor G.T. Bynum
[email protected]
(918) 596-7411

Chief of Police Chuck Jordan
[email protected]
(918) 596-9378
(Hit 7 for police chief extension.)