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STATEMENT RE: Shooting of Ralph Yarl in Kansas City, MO

Today, we stand with the family of Ralph Yarl, a 16-year-old Black boy recently released from a Kansas City, Missouri hospital and currently under the care of his mother, a nurse. Yarl whose mother moved to the US to escape violence in Liberia, was shot by Andrew Lester (84) after ringing the wrong doorbell when going to pick up his twin siblings. Forgetting his phone in the car and mistaking 115th Street for 115th Terrace does not require being shot at through a glass door. 84-year-old Andrew Lester will face charges of assault in the first degree and armed criminal action.

According to Clay County Attorney Zachary Thompson, authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest and he’s not currently in custody. Thompson also said, “I can tell you there was a racial component to this case.” The severely wounded young Black boy traveled to several homes before getting assistance and support.

Today we stand and say, “Never again will our Black boys be victims of racism and gun violence because of the color of their skin. Never again will we be grateful that a child survives a typical interaction with a member of the community as though this is a special privilege rather than a constitutional right.”

Everyday, Moms of Black Boys United elevates the voices of our passionate community. Together, we rise up and send a message around the world that we will not rest until the authorities prosecute the assailant in this tragedy and obtain justice for Ralph Yarl and his family. We will lift our voices high and low to protect ALL Black boys who are attacked for the color of their skin and will continue to say, NEVER AGAIN!!

Now is the time for us to stand in solidarity with the family of Ralph Yarl as he walks the road to recovery and seeks justice. Once again, there are mentions of using Missouri’s “Stand Your Ground Laws” and/or “castle doctrine” as a criminal defense.

If you would like to join with us in our fight to protect Black sons around the country, please go to to stay updated on the advocacy work that MOBB United for Social Change is doing to make a difference in the laws and resources necessary for our Black boys and youth to be safe in their homes, schools, workplaces and community..

Join the movement to support Moms of Black Boys United.

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