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Sonya Marchand

I've been a lifetime member of MOBBUnited since July, 2016. As a Mom of 2 plus a bonus son, all young adults now, I am especially aware of the struggle to advocate for them on a daily basis. I know for sure that my sonshines' light has been affected by the weight of "living while Black" in America. They have attended too many funerals and not enough weddings. I've had to deal with school officials, athletic coaches and other parents showing implicit bias.  Through my work with MOBB United, I can convert my frustration with a broken system to help change the perception of our Black boys and men. I love developing ideas and  creative campaigns with intentional imagery using faces and voices that get our follower's attention.  I can also participate in action-oriented steps like rallies, special events and voter registration campaigns that allow me to do more than post a quote about a trending hashtag on social media. With the 501 c3 and c4 working together, we continue to push the narrative in a positive direction, one accomplishment at a time.