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Legislation Action Alert - Sandra Bland Act

MOBB United Action in SUPPORT of Texas SB 1849

Background: M.O.B.B. United for Social Change has been supporting the Sandra Bland Act which has been moving through the Texas Legislature. The Sandra Bland Act is a comprehensive proposal which would – among other things - create more training and reporting requirements for county jails and law enforcement and mandate people experiencing mental health crisis be diverted to treatment over jail. A companion bill to the Sandra Bland Act was introduced by Texas state senator John Whitmire.

In early May, the Senate Criminal Justice Committee passed its version which aims to change the way police and civilians interact. The bill went to the full Senate where it passed with a unanimous vote. It was sent over to the House and referred to committee.

To ensure the bill becomes law, we need moms to mobilize now.

May 15, the Criminal Jurisprudence committee passed the bill to the full House which now needs to vote FOR this bill and pass it into law. We are urging MOBB United for Social Change members to call their representatives now.  Call your representative and ask him or her whether they plan to support passage of this important legislation.  

In particular, you should call Phil King and the Representatives on Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee who never took a vote on the original house version of the bill.

Here are talking points for a conversation with representatives:

  • My name is  _____________________  I'm calling from MOBB United for Social Change
  • MOBB United has brought together over 170,000 concerned mothers who want to change the perceptions of black men and black boys and impact policies that negatively affect our sons - black boys and black men.
  • I'm a resident of the state of Texas and am calling to urge Representative_____________________ to support the Sandra Bland Act / SB 1849 and vote in favor of its passage.  The full Senate voted last week, and the Criminal Jurisprudence committee has reported favorably. Now we need Representative ____________________ to do his/her part to ensure additional accountability measures and training for law enforcement officials.
  • I am a mom of a black boy and I am concerned about these issues because there is data showing that black men and boys do not commit crimes at rates higher than any other racial group, racial minorities are more likely than white Americans to be arrested; once arrested, they are more likely to be convicted; and once convicted, they are more likely to face stiff sentences. 
  • Among other important reforms, the legislation would require that law enforcement agencies include the race and ethnicity of drivers, de-escalation training for all Texas State law enforcement and it would ask for the diversion of people suffering from mental illness to treatment rather than jail.
  • Please support Sandra Bland Act / SB 1849 when it comes to the floor for a vote
  • Can we count on your support?