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Ribbons Harris

My background did not lend itself to racial diversity when it came to African American and Black history and culture, nor do I live in a particularly diverse area. When I had my Black son, I was determined to make sure he was exposed to his heritage and culture. Moms of Black Boys United was my first step to ensure he would be surrounded by women and kids who look like him. What I found was so much more. I found a family of women who advocate for each other, support one another, fight for each other's sons, lead their communities, speak on national issues, engage in research, formulate educated opinions, and create spaces hospitable for all people. When my son began facing challenges with his school, MOBB United was there in full force, backing me up, and guiding my steps to ensure he had an equal shake. I have found a community of people who care as much about my son as I care about theirs. Moms of Black Boys United was an incredible surprise and an even more spectacular gift, one that I cannot wait to share with others.