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Rhea Sancassani

My Why:  In May of 2020, I was a new mother to a 7 month old black son.  As I watched the brutal killing of George Floyd unfold before our eyes, it awoke a new fear in me.  This could be my son.  Together with my chapter co-leads Corine and Leanna, we knew we couldn’t continue to sit on the sidelines anymore.  We wanted to do something tangible to ensure that the future of our sons, not just the ones we birthed, but all black boys and men, would not be met with similar fates.  MOBB United aligned with our goal to protect our sons and work with like minded women on a mission to stop the killing of our SONshines.  Now, I am the proud mother of 2 young black boys and they are the why behind my desire to continue to mission of MOBB United.