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Our 5 Pillars

MOBB United's 5-pillar approach is our mission in motion—

Each pillar demonstrates how MOBB United is working to bring our ultimate goal to fruition— a society where our SonShines are seen for the intelligent, innovative, loving, people they are! 

  1. Change Perceptions – Promoting positive imagery and providing opportunities for Black men and Boys to be seen as productive, contributing, values members of our society. 

  2. Influence Policy - Utilizing our collective voice in support of policies that protect Black men and boys and create and/or safeguard the basic freedoms all of our SonShines are entitled to.

  3. Demonstrate our Power – Leveraging our resources, and vote as a means to illustrate the power we have as a people.

  4. Partner Strategically – Partnering with like-minded organizations whose mission and purpose aligns with ours.

  5. Promote Self-Care -  Because we know this is a marathon not a sprint, we encourage and provide ways to preserve and replenish our fuel for the fight, centralizing on spirituality, mindfulness, and healthy self-care practices.