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Rapid Response Alert - National City, CA

MOBB United for Social Change demands accountability from National City Police Department for the death of Earl McNeil


There is no greater tragedy than putting oneself into the custody of those who have sworn to maintain and protect the peace; only to have them perceive you as a threat and kill you. This is the fate that met Earl McNeil this spring when during the early morning hours of May 26, 2018, Earl McNeil became mentally distressed. He went to the National City Police Department (NCPD) for help. There, he picked up a red emergency telephone mounted to the wall outside the building and without knowing it, sealed his tragic fate.

It is unknown exactly what happened after officers responded, but what is known is that McNeil was arrested and placed in a full body restraint, known as “The Wrap” - a contraption that binds an individual’s full body, hands, arms, legs and feet. While in the Wrap, McNeil was loaded into a police vehicle and transported to county jail. It was there, the NCPD claims, he became unresponsive and was later that morning admitted to UC San Diego’s hospital with bruising and contusions on his head, as well as abrasions on his face. According to family spokesperson Tasha Williamson, he was missing several teeth and clumps of hair; his wrists, hands and arms were swollen. By the time Earl McNeil arrived to the hospital, he also had spinal cord injuries and severe brain damage. He was placed on life support, only to be taken off on June 7, 2018. Within a few days, he died.

Suffering a mental health crisis should not result in a death sentence. Law enforcement officers are often called to help individuals suffering from mental illness. When someone peacefully seeks out help from the police while in a crisis, and is unarmed, how is it that they end up dead?

M.O.B.B. United for Social Change demands justice for Earl McNeil and for drastic improvements in the ability of law enforcement to help those in critical mental health emergencies.


Call To Action

#ProtectThem by demanding immediate action for justice for Earl McNeil.

Please contact the officials below and state the following:

  • Ask them to release video records and reports on Earl McNeil’s death.
  • Demand the Medical Examiner’s office to release McNeil’s autopsy report
  • Demand the release of the body camera footage from the incident.


Manuel Rodriguez, National City, Police Chief
[email protected] (Email is pre-filled. Just click link, sign, and send)

Summer Stephan, San Diego County, District Attorney
[email protected] (Email is pre-filled. Just click link, sign, and send)

Ron Morrison, National City, Mayor
[email protected] (Email is pre-filled. Just click link, sign, and send)



M.O.B.B. United for Social Change, Inc. is a nationwide coalition of moms who are dedicated to making the world a safer place for Black boys and men by eradicating harassment, brutality and unwarranted use of deadly force by law enforcement against our sons. The group was born out of frustration over the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile in Minnesota and numerous other innocent Black boys and men killed by police before and after them. It has grown into a mobilized force of moms determined to make a difference. We aim to influence both policy and perception that impact how Black boys and men are treated by law enforcement.