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MUSC Demands the Utah Attorney General Investigate the Death of Patrick Harmon

On August 13, 2017, Patrick Harmon was riding his bike when he was detained by Salt Lake City police for riding without a rear light. Mr. Harmon fled the scene. Video tape shows Officer Clinton Fox shooting Mr. Harmon in the back as he was running away. District Attorney Sam Gill cleared the officer of any wrong doing stating they feared for their lives because Mr. Harmon issued a verbal threat and had a knife. The video evidence clearly shows that Mr. Harmon never issued a verbal threat nor can a knife be seen in Mr. Harmon’s possession. Despite clear evidence that Mr. Harmon did not pose a threat to the officer, the district attorney has chosen not to investigate the incident. In addition, the Civilian Review Board for the City of Salt Lake does not have the power to continue the investigation of this case.

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