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MUSC Demands Justice for Jamarion Robinson

On August 5, 2016, 26 year old Biology student at Tuskegee University, Jamarion Robinson was shot over 76 times by a task force comprised of police officers from seven different Atlanta-region agencies (including Fulton, Clayton, Gwinnett County police and US Marshals), while in his girlfriend’s apartment in East Point, Georgia. Seven officers entered Jamarion Robinson’s girlfriend’s home to serve a warrant, broke down the door and immediately began unloading bullets into the home. The officers did not check to verify how many people were in the home when they sprayed bullets from their semi-automatic weapons. The officers also knew that Jamarion suffered from mental health issues, and was at the time suffering from bipolar disorder and paranoid schizophrenia and had not been taking his medication. Other than pounding on the door, they made no effort to engage Jamarion and no efforts to de-escalate the situation. Jamarion had no history of any violent crimes, nor was he a convicted felon.

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