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MUSC demands action from the Claremont Police Department and School District

Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change stands with the family of Quincy Merlin, who was taunted and hanged by the neck by teenagers with clear racist intent. The teenagers were white and hurling racial epithets at 8 year old Quincy before manipulating him into putting a rope around his neck, pushing him off of a table and leaving him to hang. Young Quincy was taken to the hospital with significant bodily injuries. In spite of eye witnesses and obvious physical trauma, the Claremont, NH police department was slow to initiate an investigation into the crime. Our concern is that in spite of involvement from the state of New Hampshire as well as local Claremont authorities, a full investigation will not occur. It seems, based on a statement from the Chief of Police, that law enforcement authorities may believe that these white perpetrators were just kids being kids and there is more concern about possible damage to the future of the perpetrators then to seeing justice for the victim.

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