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MOBB United Online

By Vanessa McCullers and Tiffany Bargeman

MOBB United Online

    Moms of Black Boys (MOBB) United, Inc. and MOBB United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC) are sister organizations that are dedicated to positively influencing how Black boys and men are perceived and treated by law enforcement and in society. MOBB United, including both organizations, is a nationwide coalition of concerned moms of Black sons who represent every race, age, socioeconomic background, marital status, and education level. What we share is unconditional love for our Black sons, and we want others to see them through our proud eyes.  

    MOBB United applies a multi-pronged approach that includes media campaigns and storytelling, education and engagement, political and economic empowerment, self-care, strategic partnerships, sustained advocacy, and community involvement. MOBB United’s heavy online presence includes:


     Our website is our online home base, which contains our MOBB-generated content, as well as the gateway to our membership website. With our member-accessed section of the website, our members benefit in the following ways:   

  • Maintain focus on our shared concerns and shared power
  • Gather the resources and tools to advocate on an individual and broader level
  • Maintain continual connection to organizational activities and active members
  • Obtain targeted information on key organizational initiatives and calls to action that may affect members and their families’ lives

     Like most websites, anyone can visit and learn more about our organization. In addition, our online store can be accessed here. supports these MOBB United pillars: Influence Policy, Demonstrate our Power, and Partner Strategically.


    Moms of Black Boys United, Inc. (closed): As our original online home, our closed Facebook group provides a space for moms and female caregivers of Black boys to share their joys, concerns, fears, tears, and celebrations with other moms.

    MOBB United for Social Change (public): This page is open to MOBBs AND non-MOBBs and provides a platform to illuminate issues that require action to affect public policy.

    Moms of Black Boys United page (public): Leadership uses this open Facebook page to share information on upcoming events and interests of Moms of Black Boys United, Inc.

TwitterOur Twitter account is our way to contribute to the public discourse on a range of topics, including race relations, social and racial justice, and political topics affecting our boys.

Instagram: @mobbunited On Instagram, we share real-time video, as well as personalized depictions of moms making a difference. We use this space to promote initiatives and events for Moms of Black Boys United.

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