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Kimberley Robinson Alexander

In 2016 I found myself fighting alone. My son was nine years old and facing health challenges when he had his first police contact in his elementary school. I felt helpless as I saw the fear in my son's eyes. In his life there was so much I could not control, and now I could not control how the school was hurting him. I was in the middle of fighting, trying to preserve the hope in my son's eyes, the joy he once had when I was added to a group of women who were screaming the same thing. MOBB United gave me a place to turn my outrage into action and I felt less alone.

I have watched this world incrementally dim the light from my son's eyes. Trying to restore the glow and remind him of his greatness is why I am still here.

My two sons deserve to thrive, receive grace, love, peace, joy, and to have a future free of harm!