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Legislation Action Alert - Justice In Policing Act 2021

M.O.B.B. United for Social Change Calls on Senate to Pass George Floyd Justice in Policing Act


One year ago today, we all watched in horror as George Floyd’s last breath was snuffed out of him by the pressure of Officer Derek Chauvin’s knee on his neck for more than nine minutes. In his final moments, George called out in desperation for his mother. For the past year, we all have been under arrest with emotion over the incredible injustice done to George Floyd and many others harassed and killed by law enforcement. Last month, we got a glimpse of justice being served and finally witnessed accountability where there hasn’t been before. We are thankful for the change in tide, but understand that one verdict cannot erase 400 years of hate, discrimination and dehumanization.

The conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd is just the beginning of the road to accountability. We need true policy reform that holds law enforcement accountable and also makes them think twice before they act.

Our children continue to die needlessly, and we have no way to protect them from those who refuse to view and treat them as fully human. While the Derek Chauvin trial was underway, we learned of the murder of Daunte Wright just 10 miles away and subsequently saw previously unreleased video of the gruesome 2019 murder of Ronald Greene in Monroe, Louisiana. We must continue to make our voices heard by our lawmakers. We must fight for the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which contains many of the ideals that M.O.B.B. United has been fighting for since our inception in 2016. Among other things, the bill (HR 7120):

  • Bans chokeholds and carotid holds at the federal level and conditions law enforcement funding for state and local governments banning chokeholds.
  • Requires that deadly force be used only as a last resort and requires officers to employ de-escalation techniques first.
  • Changes the standard to evaluate whether law enforcement use of force was justified from whether the force was “reasonable” to whether the force was “necessary.”

On this day and everyday, we honor the life of George Floyd and all others whose lives were ended too soon. Our hearts go out to all Moms who have lost their sons at the hands of those meant to protect and serve.

We encourage you to contact your U.S. Senators to press for passage of the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act. Future generations are counting on us.


Call To Action


#ProtectThem by demanding immediate action to further our goal of achieving reform in policing and the criminal justice system -- support the passage of the George Floyd Justice In Policing Act.

Overall the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act (JIPA) (see JIPA Fact Sheet here), introduced by Rep. Karen Bass (D- CA) and passed by the House of Representatives last June, addresses many of the policies that M.O.B.B. United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC) has been advocating for since its inception. The Act would establish national standards for training and operation of police departments that would be mandated at the federal level and uses the power of funding to encourage adoption of the same standards at the state and local level. It addresses the systemic racism and bias that affect how our Black boys and men are treated by law enforcement and puts in place substantive measures for better data collection and clearer guidelines for accountability and effective prosecution of police misconduct.

To ensure the bill becomes law, we need moms to mobilize now.

Please contact your Senators (bipartisan) and tell them that you SUPPORT the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act and we want a vote in the Senate NOW to pass this crucial legislation.

Find your Senators via this link:


M.O.B.B. United for Social Change, Inc.

A VOICE for Moms of Black Sons

M.O.B.B. United for Social Change, Inc. (MUSC) focuses on influencing how Black boys and men are treated and perceived by law enforcement and in society. Our focus covers a variety of areas plagued by racial disparities as it relates to their interaction with law enforcement and persons in authority. From the school-to-prison pipeline to the broader criminal justice system, we aim to break down these walls and change the trajectory of racial injustice to ensure that our sons survive and thrive.

MUSC’s legislative platform outlines key policy areas that we plan to focus on over this year, across all states. Additionally, as they are introduced in state assemblies or opportunities arise, our legislative agenda will also include support for or opposition against key legislation and initiatives that are aligned with our mission.