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Rapid Response Alert - Glynn County, GA

MOBB United for Social Change demands justice for Ahmaud Arbery


As lockdowns persist across the country as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, communities of color continue to be ravaged by the endemic dehumanization and devaluation of black lives. MOBB United for Social Change stands with the family of Ahmaud Arbery, who has lost an innocent son. We demand justice be brought to Ahmaud's killers.

On February 23, 2020, 25-year-old Ahmaud Arbery was jogging around his neighborhood as he always did; sadly, he never made it home. Instead, just a short distance from his home, Ahmaud, a Black male, was perceived as a threat by two white neighbors, who immediately pursued, confronted, and subsequently shot and killed him.

Ahmaud was running in the Satilla Shores neighborhood when Gregory McMichael, 64, saw him go by. He called to his son, Travis McMichael, 34, grabbed a .357 magnum and a shotgun, got into a pickup truck and chased Ahmaud, trying unsuccessfully to cut him off. The two men confronted Ahmaud, who was unarmed, and shot and killed him.

Two months later, neither Gregory McMichael nor Travis McMichael have been charged or arrested. The current prosecutor has been cited saying the McMichaels were legally carrying their weapons and were within their rights to pursue a ”burglary suspect.” This is because in Georgia, a private person may arrest a known offender if the offense is committed in his or her presence or with immediate knowledge. However, there are several conflicts of interests in the case, which led to two changes in prosecutors and raises serious questions as to whether the current prosecutor will pursue and bring charges against Ahmaud’s killers. Gregory McMichael is a former police officer. The initial assigned prosecutor recused himself because of previously working with McMichael. The second prosecutor recused herself after it was found Travis McMichael used to work at the prosecutor’s office.

During this time of nationwide shutdowns, while many Americans are rediscovering the outdoors, spending more time getting outdoors and exercising, going for a jog should not result in a violent death. M.O.B.B. United for Social Change demands justice for Ahmaud Arbury now!


Call To Action

#ProtectThem by demanding immediate action for Ahmaud.

Please contact District Attorney Tom Durden and:

  • ask why charges have not been filed to date and whether he plans to charge the McMichaels
  • request he bring in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to investigate this case
  • demand he bring in a special independent prosecutor to bring murder charges against Gregory and Travis McMichael
  • demand the McMichaels be charged with a hate crime


Tom Durden, Hinesville, GA; District Attorney
[email protected] (Email is pre-filled. Just click link, sign, and send)

*** Please note that as of midday Thursday 5/7, emails to the DA's email address have been receiving "undeliverable" responses. They were previously going through. We are working on getting new contact information to continue our call to action.****



M.O.B.B. United for Social Change, Inc. is a nationwide coalition of moms who are dedicated to making the world a safer place for Black boys and men by eradicating harassment, brutality and unwarranted use of deadly force by law enforcement and others against our sons. The group was born out of frustration over the deaths of Alton Sterling, Philando Castile in Minnesota and numerous other innocent Black boys and men killed by police before and after them. It has grown into a mobilized force of moms determined to make a difference. We aim to influence both policy and perception that impact how Black boys and men are treated by law enforcement.