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Welcome to Moms of Black Boys United, Inc., a comprehensive resource for Moms of Black sons.

The aim of MOBB United is to protect Black boys and men by promoting positive images of them and providing critical support to their moms. We focus on helping Moms build relationships with each other within their local communities and beyond, creating an extended village for our Black sons.

MOBB United is dedicated to eliminating prejudice and discrimination. To do this, we promote reversing negative perceptions and increasing awareness and understanding of the plight of Black boys and men in America. We enable Moms of Black boys to tell their stories, celebrate their accomplishments, and connect them to opportunities that enrich the lives of their sons.

Why We Do What We Do

We love our “SUNS.” And we are determined to make communities safer for Black boys and men. This cannot be accomplished by being silent or wishing the best for each other from afar. Together, and with action, we will make a difference. We must be bearers of the change we want to see. It starts with us.

Our Approach to Creating Solutions

Our members believe in taking a wholistic approach to making a difference. Therefore, it’s important to MOBB United that we help to strengthen the overall health and wellness of Moms and the family.

We encourage strong family and community connections and promote self-care because we know that with the right values, we can make a positive difference in their lives. We host weekly prayer and meditation calls for members and encourage a safe space for open communication with other Moms with shared concerns, such as those with sons with special needs and those with sons in the criminal justice system.

When you join MOBB United, you become a part of a strong support group that works to empower Moms to navigate the institutions that interact with, influence, and impact our sons. Our informational/educational webinars will equip you and other Moms to better support and protect our men and boys.


Some of Our Past Topics Include:
  • “Recognizing and Preventing Bullying” presented by an educational consultant and social worker
  • “Know Your Rights” co-hosted by the Legal Aid Society and National Association for Public Defense
  • “Recognizing the Signs of and Dealing with Trauma” developed in partnership with a mental health professional
What You Can Do/How to Get Involved

Be a part of our National calls. Attend our in-person events, discussion forums, and seminars. Be active in sharing informative and actionable content that can help moms advocate for their sons.