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Rapid Response Alert - BalchSprings, TX

MOBB United for Social Change urges the City of Balch Springs to push forward on urgently needed police reforms


Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change acknowledges that with the arrest of Officer Roy Oliver, the first steps toward justice for Jordan Edwards are being taken. However, we continue to demand a swift prosecution of Oliver.

In addition, we know that police brutality and the unlawful use of force by an officer does not occur without either the overt or tacit support of the officer’s police department. Therefore, we are demanding that the City of Balch Springs bring real and lasting reform to their police department.

  • As MOBB United for Social Change, we will not stand by and let this tragedy go unanswered nor will we allow another of our sons to be killed at the hands of police.
  • We demand that the City of Balch Springs police department immediately begin implementing critical police reforms
  • The reforms must include implicit bias training and de-escalation training for all members of the police department
  • Balch Springs should also conduct an investigation into the history of Officer Roy Oliver’s service to determine if he was truly fit for duty and to identify the systemic problems and broken processes that may have led to an unfit officer remaining on patrol
  • Balch Springs must also thoroughly review and report on the actions of all other officers involved in the shooting of Jordan Edwards, particularly officers responding to the call after Edwards was shot


Call To Action

#ProtectThem by demanding the City of Balch Springs reform their police department so that no more of our sons are subject to this injustice

Please call the city officials listed below and ask for:

  • Immediate reforms of the Balch Springs police department, including implementation of implicit bias training and de-escalation training.
  • A thorough investigation of the behavior of all officers involved in the killing of Jordan Edwards, particularly the officers responding to the distress call from Jordan’s brother after Jordan had been shot
  •  A review of all police department policies and procedures that allowed an officer who was unfit for duty, as Oliver was, to remain on patrol


Balch Springs Chief of Police Jonathan Haber
[email protected]
(972) 557-6000 Press option 4

Balch Springs Mayor Carrie Marshall
[email protected]
(972) 653-3600