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M.O.B.B. United Volunteers

MOBB United is growing rapidly. Our moms and boys are counting on us to fulfill our mission: to provide information and support for moms of Black sons, improve the public perception of our sons and influence policy impacting how Black boys and men are treated by law enforcement and society overall. You can make society a safer place for all of our sons by becoming a MOBB United Volunteer. WE NEED YOU! The benefits of volunteering are numerous and can have an immediate impact on you, your family and your community. Volunteering provides you with the opportunity to:

  • ‘Give Back’ and ‘Make a Difference’
  • Participate in social action
  • Improve your overall physical and mental well-being
  • Learn new skills, gain knowledge and increase confidence
  • Make new friends
  • Advance your career and earn ‘volunteering credits’


M.O.B.B. United Members

General Volunteer Interest

We need volunteers on a flexible basis, to undertake ‘generic’ duties, which include:

  • Answering Emails / Dealing with Inquiries
  • Researching
  • Organizing/promoting committee campaigns/writing letters
  • Attending meetings and events
  • Developing and Planning Committee Initiatives
  • Other Duties as Required

General Volunteers

M.O.B.B. United Members

Specific Volunteer Interest

Please click the links to see our current opportunities, review the Job Descriptions, upload your Resume and apply!


Help shape and protect our image in ways that promote the values and mission of M.O.B.B. United by establishing and maintaining good-natured media relations, as well as cooperative relationships with the news media, consumers, government entities, local communities and other interest groups. Candidates must have a strong database of media contacts and will be responsible for writing press releases on behalf of MOBB United.
Are you a personable and reliable communicator with in-depth knowledge of Facebook, Twitter & Instagram? If so, we are looking for you! The Communications Committee is looking for highly involved individuals to make frequent and engaging posts to maintain and grow MOBB United’s social media presence and following.
We need volunteers to research opportunities for MOBB United to participate in pro-social initiatives such as forums, panels & conferences as well as opportunities to submit content for Pro-social awards.

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Health & Wellness

Looking for MOBBs to lead weekly meditation for members of all faiths and non-religious members as well as MOBBs to lead prayers for Muslim and Jewish faith observers. Also looking for additional prayer leads for MOBBs who are Christian faith observers.
Looking for MOBBs to provide general support to the MOBBS of Sons with Special Needs subcommittee leader. Also looking for skilled professionals, including social workers, psychologists, educators or other people who just want to be helpful in providing information and resources to this special community of moms.
Lead the creation and development of a subcommittee to serve as a support group and resource for moms of sons who are or have been incarcerated. Especially looking for MOBBs who can assist with writing letters and gathering information on incarcerated Black males.
Lead the creation and development of a subcommittee to serve as a support group and resource for moms of sons who are gay.
Lead the creation and development of a subcommittee to serve as a support group and resource for single moms.

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Education & Engagement

Help inform MOBBs on relevant topics by developing interesting, educational and enriching topics for our monthly virtual seminar series.
Help break down the walls between the community and law enforcement by forging organizational partnerships and creating joint programs with local, state and national law enforcement agencies to increase our sons’ safety and positively change the perception of Black boys and men.
Collaborate with school districts, administrators and universities to forge organizational partnerships and create joint programs that will inform and engage our membership, create opportunities for our sons and enrich their lives overall.
MOBB Connections is a comprehensive database of professionals, information and resources designed to provide moms of Black sons access to needed services and foster stronger relationships within the group among both moms and sons. Need MOBBs to help develop this umbrella program for members with the goal of connecting MOBBs to MOBBs, sons to sons, sons to mentoring programs, sons to aunties away from home and MOBBs to professional resources such as attorneys, education specialists, special needs advocates, mental health professionals, addiction counselors, translators and more.
Lead coordination and planning of a National Day of Service on MLK, Jr. Day during which moms and sons nationwide will volunteer together in their respective cities for organizations that uphold the ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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Help recruit and place volunteers for all Committees and MOBB United initiatives.
Welcome new members to our Facebook group and help them learn the purpose of the organization and rules of engagement.
Help strategically develop our fundraising plan and implement fundraising best practices that will support our mission and purpose to ensure the long-term sustainability of MOBB United.

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Organizational Development

Looking for an experienced professional to assist with high level administrative responsibilities, including vetting and following up on potential partnerships, drafting letters, editing presentations and keeping track of important files. New York City-based MOBB preferred.
Need MOBBs who have experience researching and securing grants and funding opportunities and Moms who have an interest in understanding the grant writing and vetting process.
We’re looking for MOBBs that are passionate about MOBB United and have a knack or love for writing to help with fundraising initiatives.
We are looking to build a core team of attorneys and accountants who can help ensure that MOBB United creates systems and tracking/reporting to ensure that the organization stays in compliance with all agencies (IRS, states, foundations, etc.)
Help identify potential partners, such as corporate sponsors/supporters and complementary organizations with goals similar to MOBB United.

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Calling all researchers, activists, members of law enforcement, legal professionals and public officials: help MOBB United research legislative initiatives at the local, state and federal levels aligned with our mission.
Help build our policy benchmarking strategy through comparison research and performance studies. Provide the inside track on policy strategies employed by similar organizations; what was the result and how can we learn from their mistakes and/or success?
In times of crisis, we need MOBBs to perform research and provide support to MOBBs who are able to answer a rapid or emergent call to action. Support may include researching and providing connections to flight and hotel discounts, creating care packages/gifts/ribbons, creating emergency kits and more.
We’re looking for 20-40 MOBBs who will be dedicated to make calls and send emails to mobilize members & supporters for action items. Additionally, this team will make calls to police chiefs, mayors and/or members of congress to elicit support for our cause when needed. The goal is to initiate at least 100 calls and emails per day to affect change.


Call Center Volunteer

Seeking writers with a solid foundation of legislative knowledge and experience with policy related written communications to create templates for rapid written responses to events/situations as they arise.

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M.O.B.B. United Supporters

(External Support)

We welcome non-members to support our cause. You can help us in a variety of ways:

  • Follow us on our social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram and YouTube) (like/comment/share our posts to spread the word)
  • Sign petitions
  • Participate in social events, marches and demonstrations
  • Share our monthly ‘Newsletter’ with friends and family
  • Join our campaigns and spread the word!



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M.O.B.B. United aims to provide information and support for moms of Black sons while promoting positive images of Black boys and men. Our goal is to influence policy impacting how Black boys and men are treated by law enforcement and society.

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