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MUSC Calls for Transparency and Accountability after Latest Fatal Shooting by Tulsa Police Officers

Another son has been shot down and our mission to change the perception and policies which impact black men and black boys, remains critically important. Today, June 9th 2017, 29 year old Joshua Anthony Barre was in need of mental health services and care; instead he received fatal bullets from those who have sworn to protect members of the community, and another mother mourns her son.  

We mourn with the family of Joshua Barre but will not continue to watch our sons die at the hands of police.  M.O.B.B. (Moms of Black Boys) United for Social Change demands that extrajudicial killings of our sons stop. We call for an immediate and independent investigation into this latest fatal shooting by the Tulsa Police Department officers and Tulsa County Sheriff's Office deputies.  

Based on the recent conduct of Tulsa law enforcement, Tulsa moms and moms all around the country will fear for the safety of their sons in every potential interaction with law enforcement in Tulsa, OK.  The conduct of police officers in the city and county can no longer be ignored and needs to be addressed immediately.  The Tulsa Police Department and County Sheriff's departments cannot be trusted to conduct an unbiased investigation and we urge local and state authorities to act immediately to ensure independent oversight of this investigation in the coming days.

Moms of Black Boys United for Social Change remains committed to seeing justice prevail for Joshua Barre, his family and loved ones, the Tulsa community, and the nation. We will remain on the front lines to seek justice for black boys and men who have been victimized by law enforcement.

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